So far, 2011 has been a year full of uncertainty and thrill with lots of extraordinary happenings. From an inconclusive Judgement Day to gas hikes, mysterious weather and badly behaved politicians, we've had our fair share of things to complain about. Here's a list of the top 10 things from this year that have us ticked off.

  • @dickuhne, Flickr
    @dickuhne, Flickr

    Wacky Weather

    Starting with "Snowpocalypse", 2011 has resulted in record-breaking storms and heat waves throughout the US. This year's weather has caused devastation in huge numbers as we witnessed the catastrophic earthquake/tsunami in Japan, the tragic tornadoes that swept through the midwest, the Arizona forest fire, and hurricanes and hailstorms in unusual locations worldwide. Let's hope for peaceful fall and winter seasons.

  • Dan Moyle, Flickr
    Dan Moyle, Flickr

    The Economy

    If you aren't pinching pennies in 2011 then consider yourself very fortunate. In the wake of the recession, America continues to struggle financially as we watch the stock market on what resembles an alarming roller coaster ride. Overcrowded job fairs and neighborhoods covered with foreclosure signs mark a doubtful era upon us.

  • @NVS_Inc, Flickr
    @NVS_Inc, Flickr

    Reality TV "Stars"

    We all envy them – or perhaps “loathe” is the correct term. They collect massive salaries and fees to party, travel, and even speak at renowned Universities. Whether it’s an ex-lover of an athlete, a fist-pumping ignoramus, or the “Real” Housewife of your town, these reality stars have taken fame to a new level at only one expense…their dignity.


    Naughty Politicians

    Maybe it’s a bad year for politicians with President Obama’s low approval rating and fired up tea partiers, but some are having a worse year than others. If the sexting New York Congressman’s parents had known what the future held, perhaps long ago they would have considered a name change. As if Weiner’s public embarrassment wasn’t enough to teach a big lesson, we watched the secret sexual lives of even more political figures crumble. The most shocking scandal of 2011 by far was the affair and lovechild of America’s beloved political bodybuilding terminator, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  • ABC News via YouTube
    ABC News via YouTube

    Social Media Abusers

    There's nothing worse than when you log into your Social Media homepage only to find the same people cluttering up your news feed or timeline with constant updates, nonstop check-ins, photos (of themselves), and game rankings - all to one underlying theme: TMI! Just like a train wreck, although it pains us we can't help but look when we see an upcoming talentless, soon-to-be viral youtube video instantly turn the everyday unpopular kid into a major internet star.

  • Paul Swansen, Flickr
    Paul Swansen, Flickr

    Gas Prices

    Considering a second or third job just to afford gas these days? You're not alone. The price of oil has surged beyond the imaginable - Americans have paid up to four dollars a gallon for gas this summer and frankly, everyone is fed up. Thanks to some creative websites and mobile apps, there are now ways to find the best gas prices in your town, but we'd all like to see the day when we're no longer breaking the bank to fill up the tank.

  • The Ellen Show via YouTube
    The Ellen Show via YouTube

    Out of Control Youth

    Perhaps the internet and social media play a major part in this one, but there's something about the phrase, "Things were much better when we were teenagers" that seems to really ring true. "Kids these days" are accomplishing great things, but they're unfortunately overshadowed by the stories of uber-obsessed Bieber-Fever fans, sexting teens, cyber-bullies and violent flashmobs, making it harder than ever for youth in 2011.

  • Stefan Kloo, Flickr
    Stefan Kloo, Flickr

    Judgement Day Fanatics

    Where were you on May 21st, 2011? Chances are, you were watching the mayhem caused by demonstrators and sign-holding self-proclaimed "Believers" on your televisions or computer screens. Led by the voice of's Harold Camping, supporters followed his End of the World prediction by taking to the streets to spread the message that Judgement Day was quickly approaching and we all better be prepared. Whether or not we were in agreement, we all woke up on May 22nd to a beautiful Spring day, and shortly after the billboards, buses, and street signs seemed to disappear. However, the streets of cities across the nation have officially been occupied by angry (and confused) protestors against Wall Street.

  • Iain Watson, Flickr
    Iain Watson, Flickr

    Redundant TV Show Themes

    If you can cook, sing, or dance then 2011 is the year for you. It seems like every channel you turn on has a talent competition featuring the same exact themes. Leaving the comfort of the couch must be difficult if one dares to keep up with the fiery cooking shows, cake and cupcake battles, pawn and antique shop series, singing contests, dance-offs, mockeries of New Jersey, rich wives and unorganized homes or closets. MTV, a pioneer of Reality TV with its series, "The Real World" celebrated its 30th anniversary this year...who would've thought that filming everyday people sans scripts would have made it so far!

  • Valerie Everett, Flickr
    Valerie Everett, Flickr

    Never-ending Movie Sequels

    According to Box Office Mojo, 2011 marks a record-breaking year for Hollywood for the most sequels ever released in one year. Many of the films are second versions of their predecessors like "Cars 2", "The Hangover Part II", and "Kung Fu Panda 2". However, in case we could have possibly forgotten the originals, "Scream 4", "Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol", "Fast Five", "Final Destination 5", and "Rise of the Apes" are just some of the 2011 releases to awaken our memories. Finally laid to rest was the Harry Potter series with the eighth and final release in July, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two".

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