Pregnant at 50!
Janet Jackson has announced she is PREGNANT and will be 50 years old! Is it too risky to have a child, for the first time, at that age?
Did Chelsea Cheat?
Chelsea in Somers Point is having an argument with her boyfriend...he says what she did is cheating and she says it isn't...
Wrong for Baby Girls?
Listener Rebecca in Cape May Court House is having this done to her 18 month old daughter, and some of her family members are not happy about it.
Is a Flat Top Sheet Really Necessary on a Bed?
Some people hate having a flat top sheet on a bed. My husband feels trapped by one if its (heaven for bid) tucked under the end of the mattress. What about you? With duvet covers the norm, are flat sheets even necessary? I guess we'll just call this 'The Great Flat Sheet Debate'.
Sunglasses Indoors — OK or No Way?
I was getting the 'stick-eye' because I was in a restaurant in Atlantic City this weekend, wearing sunglasses; However, in my defense, the sun was glaring through the windows of the dark restaurant.

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