Heinous Soccer Mom Hat?
I was giving my Wife Karin a hard time about the SOCCER MOM hat she bought to wear at our son's soccer practices and games. Is her hat AWESOME or AWFUL?
Best New Jersey Band [POLL]
Obviously we have icons in the music industry here in the Garden State, But I was debating with a friend of mine about WHICH BAND is the BEST New Jersey band. Take The Mike Show Poll!
Second Date Deal Breaker?
Jodi in Port Republic went on a first date with Brian and it went so well that she agreed to a second date; However, she found out something about Brian that might be a DEAL BREAKER.
Yelled at For Public Breastfeeding
Jessica in Berlin told us that she was in a restaurant with her newborn daughter, when stranger came up to her and yelled at her for being "disgusting" while she was trying to eat.

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