SoJO 104.9 and Capitol Records want to invite you to get to know singer/songwriter Duncan Laurence ('Arcade') over an exclusive Zoom session this Tuesday, June 29th!

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Duncan's breakout hit, 'Arcade', is blowing up on SoJO 104.9. As well it should, given that it's the tune that won him the 64th annual Eurovision Song Contest (a global competition) in 2019.

'Arcade' is getting attention all over the world. Now, Duncan Laurence and SoJO Midday Host Heather DeLuca want you to join them on a special Zoom call! Duncan will play 'Arcade' and a couple other songs, and answer some of your questions, like where the inspiration for his music comes from.

Five lucky SoJO 104.9 listeners will be invited to our Zoom with Duncan Laurence! So, if you're a fan of his song 'Arcade', and you're free on Tuesday, June 29th at 3:30 p.m./EST, just fill out the brief form below.

All winners will be contacted by 5 p.m. Monday, June 28th.

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