There is something special about Summer in South Jersey!


Jersey Shore Continues Sandy Recovery Efforts In Preparation For Summer Season
Mark Wilson

I've lived in South Jersey for quite some time now, and there are a few things that are just a part of Summer time in South Jersey. So, I've put together this list...

You're Not From South Jersey If You Don't __________ in the Summer!

  1. Go to Cowtown Rodeo at least once
  2. Get cut off on the AC Expressway by a driver from PA
  3. Get cut off on the GS Parkway by a driver from NY
  4. Go for a walk on the Ocean City Boardwalk
  5. Sit in traffic on the weekend
  6. Get some frozen refreshment at Rita's, YoGo Factory, or Kohr Bros.
  7. Take in a Phillies game
  8. Find a tick on you
  9. Fly a kite on the beach in Wildwood
  10. Eat a slice of boardwalk pizza
  11. Get bitten by a greenhead
  12. Have some deep fried Oreos at a festival or street fair
  13. Had a seagull try to steal your food

On a totally different note, have you watched some of The Mike Show TV? It's what you can't see on the radio! Do you tip gas station attendants in New Jersey?

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