Summer is short. Before you know it we'll be talking about Labor Day. So you've got to make the most of it, and we've got a whole list of super fun suggestions!

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  • A

    Atlantic City Air Show

    'Thunder Over the Boardwalk' returns to Atlantic City on August 21st. More info HERE.

  • B

    Beach & Boardwalk

    Whether it's Atlantic City, Ocean City, Wildwood, wherever you can pair the two together makes for a relaxing and fun summer outing.

  • C

    Cape May Lighthouse

    The Cape May Lighthouse is historic. If you've never been, you'll learn something, AND get one of the best views ever (especially at sunset). Plus, there's free admission, and free is always good.

  • D

    Dine Outdoors

  • E

    Eat Crabs

    They're freshest during summer, and being along the Jersey shore while you're eating them just completes the picture.

  • F


    Even better if you can catch it yourself!

  • G

    Go Karts

    You don't have to be a kid to enjoy a go-around the track, once, twice, or 20 times, lol.

  • H

    Historic Smithville

    Historic Smithville makes for a fun afternoon for the whole family. There's a merry-go-round, roaming roosters, a gazebo, tons of shopping, and it's dog-friendly.

  • I

    Ice Cream

    Custard, hard serve...both. And often.

  • J

    Jersey Fresh

    NJ is called the Garden State for a reason. From blueberries to asparagus to peaches. You're missing out if you're not eating Jersey Fresh. And South Jersey has some of the best farm stands in the state. There's nothing like a jersey tomato so big that one slice covers your whole burger.

  • K

    Kite Flying

    Nothing brightens up a beach day quite like a kite. Go fly a kite this summer! Especially if it's been on your bucket list (it takes some practice).

  • L

    Lucy The Elephant

    She's an icon, not just in Margate where she's located, but worldwide! You should visit her at least once. More info on Lucy here.

  • M

    Morey's Pier

    If amusement rides and water rides are your thing, you can enjoy both on the Wildwood boardwalk. More info on Morey's here.

  • N


    There are so many great bars and clubs inside the casinos in Atlantic City, you can party from sundown to sun-up!

  • O

    Outlet Shopping

  • P


    Doesn't matter if you're loyal to Manco & Manco, Primo, or Sam's, a day at the Jersey shore wouldn't be complete without a cheesy slice of pizza.

  • Q

    Quarter Slots

    Summer is the perfect time to try your luck at the slot machines! Did you know there are even Britney Spears slots now, too? Spin me baby, one more time.

  • R

    Rides (that includes on a Tram Car!)

    Roller coasters, log flumes, Ferris wheels, ya gotta hit em all. And you deserve to treat yourself to a ride on the Jitney or Tram Car, too.

  • S

    Sky Wheel at Steel Pier

    Hands down, the best view from any boardwalk at the Jersey shore is the Sky Wheel at Steel Pier in Atlantic City. It's one of the largest observation wheel ever built. More info here.

  • T


    Salt Water Taffy is a summer MUST! What's your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comment box below!

  • U

    Under the Sea

    Adventure Aquarium along the Camden Waterfront can offer an indoor reprieve from the brutal summer heat. Or check out Atlantic City Aquarium located in Gardner's Basin.

  • V

    We'll just emphasis the V in Ultraviolet rays. Make sure you stock up on sunscreen and reapply often, because nothing can ruin a great Jersey shore beach day like a nasty sunburn. And always check our Jersey Shore Report which we post daily.

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  • X


    The Atlantic City Expressway is how you get to where you're going! There WILL be traffic, because everyone's seeking fun at the Jersey shore. But you can always stop off for refreshments at Farley Plaza, where you can also sign up for EZ Pass to make your trips go smoother.

  • Y


    Funnel cake, fudge, fries, cotton candy. Summer is all about the the food indulgences. What's your fave boardwalk snack? Let us know in the comment box below!

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