If you're into true crime, check out a local young actress appearing in an episode of ID Channel's 'Evil Lives Here' this Sunday night.

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Aaralyn Anderson, born and raised in South Jersey's Clayton, Gloucester County, has been making a name for herself in Hollywood for several years now. She's made appearances on TV shows like NBC's 'New Amsterdam', CBS's 'The Good Wife', and most notably, the Netflix series 'MANIAC' starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

We've been following Anderson's career for several years. This weekend, it takes a darker turn.

On the upcoming, brand new episode of 'Evil Lives Here' on Discovery's ID Channel, Aaralyn plays the part of young Camellia 'Cammy' Brown. The episode will premiere Sunday, August 15th at 9 p.m. (check local listings).

Camellia 'Cammy' Brown was arrested in March of 2006 after shooting her husband, Earl Brown, in Raleigh, North Carolina, reportedly after a dispute over custody of their two kids, according to wral.com. Season 10, Episode 5 of 'Evil Lives Here' reportedly explores Cammy Brown's relationship with her sister Cindy Blust.

I'm 100 percent HOOKED on that true crime series, I watch it every week and, when I can't, I DVR it. So, I'm really looking forward to checking out Aaralyn's role on 'Evil Lives Here' this weekend.

courtesy JFR Media, Wayne, PA
courtesy JFR Media, Wayne, PA

Most recently, Aaralyn Anderson attended the WeCan2WeCant.org event in Vineland to show support for local families with disabilities.

For a full list of Aaralyn's acting credits, click here. And check out her official website.

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