Each town has some sort of unique landmark that makes it special, but what is something that they all have that is equally as unique? Don't scratch your head over this riddle because we're going to give you the easy answer: water towers.

Water towers are objects that are passed all the time that often go unnoticed. However, there are some cool local South Jersey water towers that catch the eyes of many drivers! Most water towers mark the final destination for shore tourists and give the first impression of the town.

Check out these top 5 South Jersey water towers that we think capture some of the best first impressions!

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    This smiley face water tower will certainly brighten your day if you pass it. After being painted over for a few years, the smile made its way back to Longport in 2014.

    The friendly blue face has made it's way into the hearts of many since then!

    Melissa Tucker
  • 2

    Sea Isle City

    As you drive over the bridge and are hit with the sights and smells of this little shore town, you're greeted with this saying that you can't help but break a smile at.

    This water tower has it's own unique way of making sure people know that they have reached a place of true happiness.

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  • 3

    Atlantic City

    What was once painted as a hot air balloon is now coated in beautiful blue paint that reads 'DO AC'. This Atlantic City water tower has been welcoming people into town ever since the slogan became a household phrase.

    Not only is this water tower beautiful, but it also has some rich history behind it. That's what Atlantic City is all about!

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    Avalon is one of the most beautiful towns to visit. Its water tower is no exception to that beauty, standing tall in beautiful mint blue coat of paint. The phrase reads "Avalon...cooler by a mile".

    This quirky and adorable water tower not only brings water to this shore town, but smiles on people's faces.

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  • 5

    Cape May County Guard Training Center

    This might not specifically be a town, but it is a sight you won't miss going over the bridge into Wildwood Crest. You can spot this red and white checkered water tower and realize just how close you are to both your destination and its neighboring town of Cape May.

    The Coast Guard has proudly been at this site for many years, leaving its mark in bold letters on this historic water tower.

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