How could you not after you hear what he plans on changing?

The midterm elections came and went, and in typical election aftermath you will have those people that are upset or happy. It's expected, it's normal. But our own Jv Joe is kicking himself because he knows he would have won any race if he participated.

He thinks everyone would get behind him based on what he's running for. Don't believe us? Just take a look for yourself. How could you not vote for Jv Joe if he promised these things below?

By the way, there's always 2020!


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    Mondays Off

    No one likes to work on Monday. Everyone is also the least productive on Monday, so why not make it part of the weekend and give everyone another day off. Joe thinks that people will be more productive on a four day work week than working five days.

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    No More Tolls

    If you pay taxes on everything, why have to pay to use the roads?

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    Vending Machines are Free

    Who hates carrying change to use on a vending machine? Exactly.

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    Bidets Installed on Every Toilet

    Freshing, hygeninc, comforting. Who isn't up for a more pleasant bathroom experience?