As we begin to move more towards a plastic-straw free world, pasta is surfacing as an alternative. Would you drink from it?

Just this year, seven U.S. states instated some sort of ban on plastic straws, according to Huffington Post. And that number is bound to increase now that we know how harmful their disposal can be to aquatic life, like turtles and fish, and even birds.

While I'm ALL ABOUT saving turtles, I cannot stand paper straws. ICK! They disintegrate in minutes and the sensation sipping through one is not pleasant. But I might have been saved by bucatini pasta! Kind of like a longer version of the cylindrical ziti, bucatini noodles hold up much better than paper, and they're edible!

Check out this U.K. company that sells pasta straws, called Stroodles!

I will definitely give these a try, even though it's still a little weird to me. How about you? Would you mind sipping from a pasta straw? Let me know in the comment box below.

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