A new study says most American pet parents are willing to breakup with their partner if their dog doesn't like them.

I am one of those people that fully believe animals, especially dogs, have good judgment of character. But, breaking up with a partner because my dog doesn't like them? Hmmm.

Well, according to Rover.com, 54% of pet parents will end a relationship if their dog doesn't like the person they're with! CBS Philly says, 'The Truth About Dog People' studied dog owner responses between 2015-2017 to understand the relationships between dogs and their owners.

Turns out, we're closer to our dogs than ever before! People are more likely to shower their dogs with attention or splurge on gifts because that's their best friend and/or child.

Watch the breakdown from CBS Philly:

You can read the full breakdown of the study on Rover.com.

But, now I'm curious - if you're dog doesn't like the person you're with would you really break up with them?

Let me know your thoughts!

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