Cult activity is suspected in the theft of a woman’s body from a Pleasantville mausoleum.

Mausoleum at Greenwood Cemetery from which a body was stolen

Pleasantville police say someone broke into a mausoleum at Greenwood Cemetery on Thursday night or Friday morning and stole the body of 98-year-old Pauline Spinelli. She had died in 1996.

Police tell WMGM TV thieves smashed the door of a mausoleum in the Atlantic City Cemetery, then cracked the marble casing around the casket, pried open the coffin and then stole the body of Pauline Spinelli, who was 98-years-old when she passed away in 1996.


Police say from what they gathered, it appears it was more than one person who is responsible and these thieves weren’t out looking to steal jewelry from the dead.

Police say the body may have been taken for use in some sort of ritual.

Police Capt. Rocky Melendez tells WMGM-TV this is a first for him after more than 20 years on the police force.

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