Roller coasters, funnel cakes, the beach, and T-shirt shops on the boardwalks are all a part of what the Jersey Shore has to offer.

But, now it seems there's a debate brewing between boardwalk goers and T-shirt shop owners on the Wildwoods boardwalk.

This is isn't necessarily anything new.  Many people have walked by a T-shirt shop and probably said something to the effect of "that's offensive."

Some T-Shirt companies are okay with selling these vulgar shirts, because it's simply a freedom of speech and/or expression based on the first amendment.

But patrons are now asking these T-Shirt companies to display these shirts in the back of the store, rather than the front.

Note:  "not all store owners on the boardwalk are fans of the t–shirts, some of which include obscenities and graphic images."  (NBC40)


How do you feel about this?




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