A woman was charged for attempted murder after throwing a 5-year-old girl onto the tracks as a NJ Transit train approached the Burlington Town Station.

6abc News reports, police were called to the train station after reports of suspicious activity on the platform on Friday night.

When they arrived, 20-year-old Autumn Matacchiera reportedly grabbed the girl, standing next to her mother, and threw her as the train approached.

Luckily officers jumped in front to signal the train to stop, and the girl was saved from the tracks by her mother's boyfriend.

The young woman is under psychiatric evaluation at Lourdes Medical Center, and is currently in police custody.

As someone who used to ride trains all the times, I'm happy to hear the girl is fine and there was no bad outcome. Hopefully, the woman seeks psychiatric help, if needed.

Just a reminder to always be on guard when you're on a platform, you never know what could happen.

Watch the video from 6abc News above.

Source: 6abc News

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