A new source of transportation on the AC Boardwalk is being tested, and some people are very unhappy about it!


Introducing the Jitney Tram Car, running on the boardwalk for your convenience until May 2nd.  If the trail run is successful, it could be running all summer!  For three dollars you can go from Tropicana to Revel with the view of the beach and boardwalk.  Wait, doesn't somebody else offer the same service?


Of course, the Rolling Chairs!  They charge five dollars to push you six blocks, so obviously if this Jitney Tram Car becomes a permanent transportation option, there could be some stiff competition.  According to the Press of Atlantic City, two walking chair owners claim that the trial 'would cause irreparable financial harm to the companies and their 200 operators.'  The owners even took this issue to court, and a judge ruled that the Jitney Tram Cars would NOT cause any financial harm, and the trial goes as planned.


Could this be the end of the walking chair as we know it?




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