A restaurant manager from Wildwood Crest pays it forward by picking up the bill for a Philadelphia family. And our faith in humanity is restored.

Sarah Renee Langley and her family planned a nice day out for their mother, Mary, who suffers from advanced Alzheimer's. They decided to stop for a bite to eat at Little Italy restaurant.

Upon seeing Sarah and her family, restaurant manager, Michael, surprised the family by picking up their $100 tab.

According to 6abc News, when Sarah asked why, Michael revealed his wristband reading, "Pay it forward."

Remember that movie with Haley Joel Osment, where he creates a system to 'pay it forward' with a good deed whenever one is done for you? Who knew it was a real thing???

Michael explained he thought about ending his life ten years ago, then realized he had more to give to the world. So now when he sees someone support their loved ones with diseases like Alzheimer's, Michael likes to do something nice for them.

Now, it's Sarah's turn to pay it forward!

No idea what she will do, but I encourage everyone to pay it forward like Michael!

Source: 6abc News


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