There's agony and then there's what happens when your foot makes contact with a Lego.

Stepping on Legos is one of the hazards of the parenting job. It's up there with having to do laundry at 3 a.m. after a surprise vomit session, enduring the same Paw Patrol episode for the 12th consecutive viewing and listening to your child throw a temper tantrum after you had the gall to give him a hot dog when he explicitly asked you for a hot dog. That is to say it happens and there's nothing you can do about it.

Turns out there are reasons why stepping on Legos hurts. Yeah, we know, it seems pretty obvious. Your foot was not designed to walk on top of jagged pieces of plastic scattered across an otherwise smooth ground surface.

And, side note, did you ever notice that kids never step on Legos? It's only a mom running to and fro in the kitchen trying to make dinner or a dad who gets up after kneeling down to retrieve another Lego that Junior managed to wedge under the couch. Heck, look at the girl in the below photo. She knows it's wise to stay out of the Lego field of battle, lest she be subjected to the excruciating torture of stepping on them.

Kids -- they don't understand why they need to go to sleep, why they can't open a box of mac and cheese and just suck it down in powder form or why they shouldn't brush their teeth with their shampoo, but they do know enough to know that Legos can render them immobile.

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