Before you call me out for being rude and blame my generation, hear me out. This article is mostly in jest, however part of me is truly befuddled by this idea. I have spent my life waving at every car I walked in front of when crossing the street. Well, except if it is at a crosswalk with the little walk now or stop light. That's the technical term for that right?

The other day while walking into the food store I had a revelation. Why do pedestrians wave thank you to cars? What exactly are we thanking them for?

If you are driving and let a car in your lane out of pure courtesy, that person should do the thank you wave. If you are at a stop sign and get there first, but let the other car go before you then you should get a thank you. These are all things that are going above and beyond driving etiquette.

If you don't stop for a pedestrian crossing the road, it isn't just bad etiquette, you could kill someone. Of course, legally the pedestrian has to cross within a crosswalk. If a pedestrian tries to cross where there is no crosswalk, legally they have to yield to vehicles.

When I cross the road between the parking lot and the front door at Target, I shouldn't have to wave to say thank you. I am within my legal right to cross without a thank you. Should I say thank you for your ability to obey the stop sign in front of you and not killing me?

I think we are getting a little too flippant with our thank yous, it loses all meaning. It's like people who say sorry too much.

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