So today is National Pet Day and all throughout South Jersey people are proclaiming their love for their furry friends. But we all know that there is one pet that stands above the rest.

Cats are the best 4-legged friend there is. They are affectionate, playful, and not to mention when it comes to housebreaking super easy!

Now I can hear some of you now slam your hands and scream that dogs are better. They are ok. But you have to put so much more work into them and sometimes it doesn't pan out. You never hear of a cat slopping water all over the kitchen floor or whine nonstop to go outside for a bathroom break. Just. Saying.

Regardless of what you think in the end our pets are our best friends, and a part of our family. Doesn't matter if they are a cat, dog, goldfish (fish lives matter too), or even a goat (yes a goat counts), they bring out the better in us!

Check out all our furry friends here in South Jersey from our Facebook post below!


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