I've never felt truly comfortable in the ocean ever since seeing the classic movie Jaws. Sometimes I can still hear I still hear the Jaws theme playing in my head when I'm swimming around in the ocean.

A real-life Jaws scenario played out off the coast of Seaside Heights as a party of fisherman reeled in a great white shark according to 6 ABC.

The juvenile great white weighed about 110 pounds and measured just about 7 feet long. The shark was caught in around 50 feet of water which was a positive sign according to shark experts.

OCEARCH cheif scientist Dr. Bob Heuter tells 6 ABC,

    "This is a wonderful thing, with sharks in the ocean, that means the ocean's healthy, healthy shark populations, healthy ocean and vice versa."

It's also a great sign especially for swimmers that the juvenile great white was so far off the coast. Great whites usually tend to stay further off the coast. Great whites can be as long as 20 feet while the average female is 15-16 feet, while males can reach up to 13 feet.

It's just another reason for me to always be on the lookout while I'm having some fun in the ocean.

sources: 6abc.com ocean.si.edu

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