This one's for the caffeine-obsessed Jersey resident. That's a category that I identify with all too well. Take it from a gal who drinks way too many milligrams of caffeine per day, I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a good local coffee spot.

This particular shop is located in Gloucester County. It might be a hike for residents that live in the most eastern parts of South Jersey, but the drinks that Valerie Robinson and her daughter Marlena are pumping out of Hens and Honey Shoppe look like they're worth the trip. Located in Swedesboro, Hens and Honey Shoppe have become known for their extensive menu of over 25 different flavors and drink types to choose from.

I wasn't lying when I said that caffeine lovers were going to rejoice with this one.

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They're known for their insane espresso latte flights that look like works of art. Truly, they do. Take a look:

Localish via Facebook
Localish via Facebook

The drink that I can't wait to try, however is the Jersey Devil Latte. It's two shots of espresso, your milk of choice, and then it starts to get interesting. Inspired by the legendary cryptid himself, the folks over at Hens and Honey wanted to make sure they were serving up quite a bite with this one. Makes sense, right? He's the Jersey DEVIL, so there has to be some heat!

What's the secret? Well, Valerie didn't give away everything, but she said there's a bit of cayenne pepper in there to spice the iced coffee drink up a bit. She even gives a nod to the Jersey Devil's home base, the Pine Barrens, since she tops it off with pine nuts. How cool is that?

Hens and Honey Shoppe is located at 1422 Kings Highway in Swedesboro.

Source: Localish via Facebook

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