National Tapioca Pudding Day. National Tape Measurer Day. National Paper Bag Day. National Yellow Pig Day. These are only a few examples of some newer national holidays that keep getting weirder, weirder, and even more specific.

All of those actually take place in the month of July, believe it or not, and are fully legitimate holidays. But, for us New Jerseyans, there's one newer holiday that holds value to all of us that we shouldn't ever forget - National New Jersey Day!

This year, on July 27th, is the 2nd anniversary of National New Jersey Day being an actual thing.

NNJD was deemed a national holiday by the National Day Calendar as part of a larger "National State Day" project appreciating and acknowledging the order in which each state joined the Union in 1787 - starting with Delaware on July 13th and ending with Hawaii on June 27th.

But why July 27th? Well, on that day back in 1787, New Jersey was officially declared the third state under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That's why.

So, how do us citizens of New Jersey celebrate our own national holiday? Is it another brilliant excuse to host a barbecue? Do we share a meaningful social media post about the history of our state? Do we all go out and get spray tans? Leave a comment!

This blog was written by Mitch Weiman, a Summer 2018 Digital Intern at Townsquare Media South Jersey.  

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