Pork roll vs. Taylor ham, sprinkles vs. Jimmies, and whether or not Central Jersey exists are just a few common debates in the culture of New Jersey.

If you're familiar with the culture of NJ, than you won't be surprised to hear that there is a debate between what is considered the actual "New Jersey Day".

What do we mean? Well, see, this all began last year when National Day Calendar decided to make a "National New Jersey Day," despite the fact that there has been an existing "New Jersey Day" for the past 300-ish years. The only difference? The word "National".

First, a little history...

  • June 24th

    How many of you New Jerseyans knew that our state's "birthday" is June 24th, 1664? According to the State Department of New Jersey, this is the time the term "New Jersey" appeared for the first time ever on paper documentation.

    In a royal grant issued by King Charles II's brother, James, Duke of York on June 24, 1664, an English colony named New Jersey was established on the land bounded by the Delaware River, the Hudson River, and the Atlantic Ocean.

    That document is considered the birth certificate of New Jersey.

  • July 27th

    National Day Calendar is a website that registers new national holidays of all random artifacts - foods, positive messages, universal household items and now, our nation's fifty states.

    Last year, National Day Calendar unleashed its newest project of holidays appreciating each state in the Union in the order they joined, following the July 4th holiday. So, they started with Delaware on July 13th and finished with Hawaii on June 27th.

    On July 27th, 1787, New Jersey was the third state inducted into the Union under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Therefore, National Day Calendar made it official that every July 27th shall be National New Jersey Day.

    So, what do you think is the real holiday New Jersey should be celebrating? The original naming of the land we call New Jersey, or the original declaring of New Jersey being an official state? Should we just appreciate both evenly?

    Vote and leave a comment below!

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