New Jersey State Troopers are apparently engaged in a friendly feud with Connecticut State Troopers on social media. Who knew?

It all started when one Connecticut trooper asked whether or not NJ State police pump their own gas OR use a full service gas station...

New Jersey police responded they do, and proceeded to poke fun at Connecticut State Police cars. The next day, Connecticut Police made fun of NJ troopers' hats.

See it for yourself, it all went down on Facebook:

"Jur-zee still got jokes 😐. Wud-ever, we'll fuhgeddabouddit..... for now. But if you want to stir the pot in Connecticut you're gonna have to deal with the Nutmeggers, and you know what they say about Nutmeggers! (and nutmegs aren't nuts so don't even think about it)
By the way, New Jersey State Police, since you need back up from Massachusetts State Police give us a minute to break out our Bahstun accent translator.

It really is all in good fun, but it's still funny to watch it go down. North Jersey does a good job clearing the air. In the meantime, I'm just thoroughly enjoying the fake drama.

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