Bobby Brown has been placed into the spotlight for reasons he probably rather keep private under the circumstances.  The ex-husband of the now departed Whitney Houston may now find himself in a no-win situation in the public eye, and among those who may have known him best.

In a week that has seen the shocking death of the "Queen Of Pop Music", followed by a tribute from the Grammy Awards that netted the 2nd highest viewing audience in the shows history (approaching 40 Million people),  the questions of just how had Whitney died, and what may have been in her system before she died, plus her condition the previous 48 hours before, now comes the question of whether Brown will attend the funeral, will he be allowed to attend, and how much blame is being pointed at Brown for Houston's downfall.

Facts have come out that some members of Houston's inner circle is not happy with Brown, who is currently on tour with his old group New Edition.  Brown's drug problems have been highlighted through much of his career.  Battles with cocaine, pot, and alcohol helped create part of his Bad Boy image.

Brown's image became more spotlighted when Whitney and Bobby became a couple - the clean cut "Good Girl" who sang in the church choir and was protected by many who knew the business well (her aunt Dionne Warwick, her mom Cissy Houston, and Clive Davis who molded her into a star), found herself with the man with 3 kids from previous relationships, a near X-rated stage show, and many problems that did not seem to come to light until their marriage became more public.

The media showed Whitney in the last decade not necessarily in the best light - between interviews with Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters, and then the reality show Being Bobby Brown.  You can never know fully what was going on behind closed doors, but the image that had been created is that Bobby was to be blamed in part for Whitney's fall from grace.

Should be no shock that not everybody would be happy with Bobby Brown in attendance for Whitney's funeral, but he is the father of Whitney's only daughter (Bobbi Kristina) and thoughts have started to turn her well being.

Brown has stopped touring for now with New Edition to be with his daughter who is not handling her death well, but we have learned that Brown has not been a major player in his daughter's life since the 2007 divorce from Houston.

Houston's family has seemingly changed their tune in this situation, telling People Magazine that Bobby Brown is welcomed to attend the service, shutting down stories that they wanted to ban Brown from coming.  Now Bobby Brown is contemplating not attending the funeral, according to FOX News.

Conflicting reports have Brown still stated to perform with his band for their show at Foxwoods Casino in Southern Connecticut.  Now the funeral is slated for Noon on Saturday, and his show has an 8pm doors opening time.  The funeral in Newark, NJ would put Brown only about 3 hours away from the concert venue, so it is possible he could do both.

So what happens to spending more time for his daughter who is suffering?  Reports have her doing much better from her breakdown, but mentally there are still some issues, plus rumors she is abusing drugs.  She is expected to spend time with her grandmother Cissy while she tries to heal further.

The web has been full of varying opinions about what Bobby Brown should do in this situation: Should he attend, should he stop touring for a while to help his daughter, will he try to claim Houston's money?  Word is that Whitney's estate may make about $40 Million over the next year, which helps Bobbi Kristina.  Bobby is not exactly doing great financially (hence why the reunion tour), so posing this question may not be as Out-of-Bounds as you think.

What is your feeling on this situation?  What should Bobby Brown do?  Do you blame him for Whitney's death?  What will be Brown's prerogative?  Chime in!




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