The end of an era for toy sales was announced yesterday as one the biggest toy store chains will be closing its doors for good.

Toys R Us and Babies R Us will close or sell all stores in the U.S., including the over 40 locations in New Jersey.

According to USA Today, if you do have any Toys R Us or Babies R Us Gift Cards you need to use them immediately as the company has announced they will be good for only the next 30 days. Once the stores are closed, the gift cards will amount to only plastic, which means they will be worthless.

According to the report, The Babies R Us registry and the web stores will still remain open with the hope that they will be sold.

The Washington Post reports that the going out of business sale will begin in the next week or two. All sales will be final and the discounts will be in the 25% range in the beginning of the sale. The company will pay workers for up to 60 days.

Such a sad ending to this iconic toy franchise, one that I would always look forward to visit every holiday season to shop for my boys. I can still see their eyes light up and their huge smile whenever we walked through the store.


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