Congrats Moorestown!  You and you're restaurants at the Moorestown Mall can now serve alcohol, ending a long dry tradition.   So, how do we celebrate?  By asking, what should be ILLEGAL in the bars of South Jersey?  Yes, the people have spoken, so bottoms up!  But, let's not get too carried away.

I fully believe that those  god-awful pick up lines are a must on the illegal list.   Heck, and I'm a guy speaking for the guys here.  However, I'm not going to trash my own teammates but so much.  How about girls always dancing in circles?  Almost every bar I end up going to that involves dancing (I try not to dance), I see girls and their girlfriends dancing in a circle?  Why?  Why not a triangle?  Square?  Bell-Shaped Curve anybody?

Ok, enough of my ranting, what do YOU think should be illegal at a South Jersey bar?

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