It doesn't have to be October to explore some 'spooky' South Jersey sites. Learn about some of the pretty chilling encounters from Slabtown Road.

According to Weird NJ, the creepiness begins between two fields before going through a section of a small forest area. Slabtown Road is located in Salem County, off of Route 40 in Woodstown. Legend has it, that if you walk from the bridge over the small stream to Route 40 during the night, you can hear the sounds of footsteps all around you. Once the footsteps stop, the infamous 'lights' will show themselves to you. Apparently, little white lights appear everywhere, but not in midair.

Joe R. from Weird NJ said, "We have walked the road on various nights under various conditions.  Full moon, new moon, winter, summer, things like that and always the same thing – first the footsteps then the lights.  We have taken people there without telling them what we experienced and they experience it too."

Joe is not the only one who has experienced strange encounters on Slabtown Road. On Essex Mountain Sanatorium, many people have visited this frightening road and witnessed some paranormal activity.

One user on  Essex Mountain Sanatorium reported that he and his friend went to Slabtown Road at 10:15pm back in 2004 and noticed some creepy vibes. "As we entered the wooded part, we began hearing these sounds. Not exactly like people walking, but more like animals all around you." According to him, there wasn't any movement in the forest, only the sounds all around him and his friend.

"Slabtown Road is pretty creepy. Me and about four other friends drove up there and walked across the bridge and actually into the path directly across for about a mile until the path ended. Throughout the whole walk, we heard noises and even saw eyes in the forest just floating there," a user reported back in 2010.

It's been a while since anyone has shared stories about their Slabtown Road adventures, but from the sounds of it, we still believe that this road is still just as ominous as it was 13 years ago.

If you've had any experiences here, let us know!



This blog was written by Melissa Tucker, a Spring 2017 intern at Townsquare Media South Jersey. 

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