Three orange lights in a formation over Bayville. Was it a group of UFOs? Visitors from another planet or galaxy?

Someone in Bayville (we don't know the person's identity) has filed a report of UFOs over the Ocean County community on the evening of Friday, November 6, 2021.

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In a report posted by the National UFO Reporting Center, a witness reported seeing triangle shaped orange lights that flow at the same speed as if the information:

"I was pulling up to a friend's house in Bayville, New Jersey, at 7:29 pm when I noticed 3 orange lights (orbs) that formed a triangle all traveling at the same speed and at the same time information. I was not sure if the triangle formation was 1 large-sized craft with lights or if it was 3 separate crafts that were illuminated. 2 more were also following way behind. They also were pulsating or fading out similar to a candle or flame."

The witness also said that there was no noise from the lights. There were no stars visible at the time. Finally, the witness said the lights were visible from 1 - 1 1/2 minutes before they faded out completely.

Were you in Bayville on November 6? Did you see anything?

SOURCE: National UFO Reporting Center.

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