Here's a new home run of a drink to quench your thirst this season!

Wawa has teamed up with Phillies' outfielder Kyle Schwarber for a brand new promotional drink to celebrate the start of baseball season. Stepping up the plate: Introducing the "Schwarbomb" drink!

They made the announcement on social media on Thursday to kick it off! Check out the cute video down below!

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It doesn't exactly roll off the the tongue, but that's ok!

You probably remember that first, there was the Schwarberfest last year for Wawa's Hoagiefest during the Phillies' playoffs run last year. Now they're keeping the same theme going - but for a drink this time!

What flavor is the Wawa "Schwarbomb"?

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies
Phillies All-Star Kyle Schwarber (Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

The "Schwarbomb" is a Wawa Recharger drink with mango and dragonfruit-flavor, available in iced of frozen, according to Philly Voice. Rechargers are part of their vitamin-infused drink line that give you an extra boost of energy. The whole drink is a fun, poppy red color to represent the Phillies. Looks so refreshing!

It's available for a limited time only at $4.88, in honor of his 488 foot home run Game 1 of the 2022 NLCS in San Diego.

I wonder what other Wawa promotions we'll be seeing in honor of our Philly sports stars in the future.

Will you be grabbing a Schwarbomb before they're gone? If you've tried it already, let us know if it's a home run in the comments!

Go Phils!!

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