A local police officer is being recognized for giving an area homeless man a new pair of shoes. This act of kindness was caught on camera, and the video has quickly gone viral.

Delaware River Port Authority police officer Kenya Joyner was patrolling the Lindenwold stop of the Patco high-speed line station this past Saturday when an NJ transit bus driver asked him to remove a disruptive passenger who wasn't wearing shoes.

Joyner has seen the same man lying on a bench earlier that day, 6abc.com reports.

The man told the officer he had no shoes of his own. Joyner went across the street to the nearby Payless Shoes and selflessly bought the man a brand-new pair of boots.

Joyner told 6abc.com, "It was a man that was down on his luck. He simply wanted to ride a bus, but he couldn't afford shoes to ride a bus, so it just seemed like the right thing to do. The thing is, a lot of officers have done what I have done and more".

A video that captured the generous act has wracked up more than 2 million hits on the internet.

Joyner hasn't seen him since Saturday but he said the homeless man was grateful for his new footwear. I can't believe I was riding the same train that same day and missed witnessing such a wonderful moment.

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