Brooke and Jeffrey are on a mission: to break the Capri Sun Chugging World Record. Watch and see if they accomplish their goal.

Ah, delicious Capri Sun! It's the taste of my childhood. I can't tell you how many of those I drank during summer's hanging by the pool in the 80's. OMG, how my brother and I would FIGHT over the last one we had.

Well, before Brooke & Jeff's attempt, the world record for sucking a Capri Sun dry, from straw-opening to finish, was 16.65 seconds. Brooke, Jeff, Intern Alexis were confident they could beat it and set a new record.

Now, they're brave, because usually it takes me at least 15 seconds to even insert the straw. That's a skill that takes mastering all on its own. One of our three contestants had his technique down pat. The other two, not so much. Can you guess who came out on top?

Watch the Official Brooke & Jeffrey Capri Sun Chugging Challenge below!

So, do you think Jeffrey's time should count as the official new world record for chugging a Capri Sun? Gotta say, we're pretty impressed.

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