When we were in the Florida Keys visiting family, Wife Karin allegedly made a right on red without coming to a full stop. A traffic camera captured it, and I got a ticket in the mail!

My jaw dropped when I saw how much the ticket was for...$158.00! Plus, the rental car company banged us for $40.00 because the alleged traffic violation happened in one of their cars.

I wanted to see proof, so I watched the video the City of Florida City Police provided.

What do YOU THINK about it? I went back and reviewed the intersection on Google Earth Maps, and there are NO signs that say "no right on red", so that wasn't an issue. The issue was, Wife Karin didn't come to a COMPLETE STOP before making the turn...


(This is the video from ViolationInfo.com, the issuer of the notice of violation)

This weekend trip to visit Wife Karin's parents in Key West was the trip from HELL.

Not only did it rain the whole time, we had to unexpectedly book a hotel room for an extra night, our Spirit Airlines flight got cancelled, had to book 4 last minute seats on another airline, another unexpected night in a hotel, extra meals, a day late returning home...which put us $900 OVER BUDGET for the weekend...THEN THIS $200 TICKET IN THE MAIL!

Grand total for a 3 day weekend in Florida visiting family: $2100.00



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