New Jersey State Assembly has given the OK for voters to post their ballot selfies on social media. Yes, selfies.


As crazy as the 2016 election was, the one thing we were apparently missing was the chance to post our voter selfies to social media.

But not for much longer! On Thursday, the proposal has been approved 74-2 in the state Assembly. Now, this bill is in "limbo" because of an identical bill proposed last year and no one seems to know if its being introduced.

In the meantime, those opposed to the bill say regulations haven't kept up with technology and can confuse voters and election workers. Several states have permitted seflies and so far, there has been no evidence to support claims that it will affect a voter's decision.

The main purpose of voter selfies, in my opinion, is to basically show off that you did your civic duty - especially in a world where we have to show off everything we do. Despite my annoyance of the need to post, voter selfies can be beneficial for getting people out there to vote.

What do you think?

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