After weeks of nominations from fans of personal trainers and fitness instructors around South Jersey, we've narrowed down to the Top 10 finalists!

These trainers have majorly inspired their clients the get fit and be healthy. We received hundreds of nominations, and these are names that came up the most, with some quotes from their fans.


Fitness instructor assisting young sporty woman while exercising with fitness ball on exercise mat at gym.
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Lorraine Devaney of The Max Challenge in Manahawkin -- 'Lorraine has pushed me to places I never thought I could get to. She creates a fun and hard working atmosphere. Her workouts are amazing.'

Ann Erik of Tilton Fitness in Galloway -- 'Ann has always been a tough instructor. Any class you take of hers you feel it after and shes doing it with you and pushing you the entire time. She loves her job and you can feel and see that in every class she teaches. She deserves to be South Jerseys favorite personal trainer!!'

Todd Escort of Todd's Beach Bootcamp in Ventor and EHT -- 'Very creative with workouts. Has great workout plans to meet your individual goals.'

Adam Faris of POH Personal Training + Fitness in Turnersville -- 'Adam Faris challenges us everyday, hes supportive in all aspects of our fitness! Eating Healthy, being happy. He has partnered with a chef and a Nutritionist to help us meet our goals. He leads by example! He is constantly challenging himself as well which motivates us even more! We love him!'

Joe LaCerra of Howntown Health + Fitness in EHT -- 'Joe’s workouts are challenging but he always provides modifications. Lots of fun!'

Carrie Pellegrino of StarFit Club in Somers Point -- 'For losing over 130 lbs, Carrie is dedicated to changing lives, empowering people to push their limits!!!'

Jacklyn Romano of Jacklyn.Fit in Sea Isle City -- 'Jacklyn is not only great at what she does, she is one of the hardest working people I know and she makes training FUN!'

Jack Rose of Hometown Health + Fitness in EHT -- 'Jack pushes us to be our best. He lifts us when we are down with his humor. If you don’t feel like going to the gym knowing he is the trainer motivates you to get up and do it. He is a hard worker so no matter ur day u know he’s worked harder. He always shows up and makes sure every muscle is worked that week. Nothing but the best.'

Allison Salvatore of The Max Challenge in Manahawkin -- 'Alison never gives up!!!! She offers encouragement and positivity always, even when it seems like no progress is made. Her workouts are innovative and motivating.'

Stacy Seltor of The Max Challenge in Manahawkin -- 'She is so motivating and inspiring. She pushes us all to be better versions of ourselves, even if its 6am! (that's the class I attend with her) Stacy truly is the best!'

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