A Vineland, New Jersey man is lucky to be alive after accidentally shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun.

Last Saturday, 52-year old Dennis Hennis, a self-employed builder, was working on a friend's roof on South Mill Road when the tool jammed.  As Hennis attempted to repair the jam, he felt a piercing in his chest.  He had shot a 3 and a half inch nail right into his own heart.

Hennis was transported to Cooper University Medical Center in Camden where cardiac and trauma specialists were successful in removing the nail and repairing the damage.  Dr. Michael Rosenbloom told local ABC news affiliate WPVI:

"You're talking about a puncture wound to the heart," said Dr. Michael Rosenbloom. "He's very lucky. There are so many things that had to take place for him to be alive."

Dennis Hennis hopes to be home in time to celebrate Easter.  His family plans to set up a donation account for him at the Thunderbolt Credit Union in Millville.

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