South Jersey's own Jeff Van Drew, who was awarded a prime-time speaking slot during the Republican National Convention in return for having switched parties halfway through his first term in Congress (R-2), denounced what he described as “the Democrats’ radical, socialist agenda" Thursday night during his nationally televised speech.

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Here are other takeaways from Van Drew's RNC speech...

Van Drew said he was proud to support Trump and warned Joe Biden would be a “puppet” for the progressives in his party.

“When the Democrats tried to order me around, I was ready, willing and bale to say, ‘I’ve had enough with their radical, socialist agenda. Do you really believe Joe Biden is ready, willing and, most of all, able to do the same?”

Van Drew recalled how he felt when told by Democrats that he must vote for impeachment of Trump "or else"...

“Democratic leaders told me that I had to vote for impeachment or my life would be made difficult. I’m from South Jersey, and you better be coming to me with more than just loud words and empty threats. I voted no on impeachment and it was an easy call.”

Van Drew compared his move to the Republican party to his South Jersey upbringing...

“How I became a Republican says a lot about today’s Democratic Party, I’m from South Jersey, where we work hard, look after our neighbors, and care about our communities.”

Van Drew's Democratic challenger Amy Kennedy issued a statement in response to her rival's RNC speech....

“Tonight, as political payback for switching parties and pledging his undying support to Donald Trump, Jeff Van Drew took the stage at the Republican National Convention and tried to make the case as to why he made that choice.  My message to the people of South Jersey is...don't be fooled.  The truth is that Jeff has changed.  He made the choice to abandon the people of South Jersey to serve his own political career instead of the families he was elected to represent.

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