Time's up for the cat dumpers.

Funny Farm Rescue owner Laurie Zaleski is sticking to her threat to pursue an investigation by police after giving a 24-hour deadline to whoever dumped six cats on her property in Mays Landing late Monday night.

As we told you Tuesday, Zaleski took to Facebook Live on Tuesday with a video showing crates containing the cats and giving a deadline to the people responsible to contact her, or she would take action.

"...People are just discarding these babies like trash.  And I am sick and tired of it. So the last time this happened, I said, I'm putting cameras all up and down the street. Guess what? I did it. We know who you are. You will not see the police come today. You have 24 hours to come forward to identify yourself before I press charges...

Thursday, Funny Farm posted an update, saying that Zaleski had not heard back from anyone and explaining that she was not obligated or in a position to continue to take in an unlimited amount of unwanted animals at her private charity.

No private no-kill rescue can take in an unlimited amount of animals or we would have 10,000 animals less than in a week from all over the country.
A private rescue is not “obligated” to take in any animal. Laurie Zaleski is the owner. She knows her limits and when she and her volunteers are at capacity.
The update says that Zaleski will now go forward with her plans to turn over the surveillance video she says she has to the police. Funny Farm doesn't plan to release the video, photos, or license plate of those responsible out of concern for their safety.
The Facebook post from Funny Farm points out that the positive aspect of this situation is the response from the community dropping off donations of food, litter, and supplies for the cats.

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