Steven Tyler has made the decision to concentrate on Aerosmith, while Jennifer Lopez continues to hint that she has other things to do other than American Idol, so can Randy Jackson survive a probable show shakeup?

Tyler's announcement came with his own style and flare when he stated just before 5pm EST on Thursday "After some long…hard…thoughts… I’ve decided it’s time for me to let go of my mistress American Idol before she boils my rabbit".

This comes on the heals of J. Lo's Thursday morning appearance on the Today show, where she hinted "I am thinking it’s maybe time for me to go and do other things I really love to do like films … and performing".  That this, along with Lopez stating that she’d already stayed with the reality juggernaut a year longer than she originally intended, makes her sound like she's ready to bolt.

This may have FOX thinking about a restart for Idol with a new group of judges, making Randy Jackson expendable.  Tom Morgan was reporting on Jackson being out 2 days ago, plus has a poll out to vote for who should be the next American Idol judge.  You can still cast your multiple votes by clicking here.

Here is my two cents worth as far as judges for American Idol:

Kelly Clarkson -- The original Idol who just did Duets on ABC, which might hurt her chances with FOX but she has been one of the most successful contestants on the show, and is not afraid of confrontation.  Clarkson stood up to Clive Davis to get her 3rd CD out ("My December") when it is believed that Davis wanted Clarkson to scrap the material on this project and re-record the project.  If she can handle one of the most powerful people in music, she would succeed as an Idol judge.

Jimmy Iovine -- You have seen him on Idol the last 2 seasons as a mentor to the singers.  He is known to the Idol audience, has quite the track record as a producer and CEO of one of the biggest music labels in the world (Interscope Records).  His personality could make him the next Simon Cowell, who has been missed on the show.  Iovine has hinted he is not interested in judging, but for the good of the show he needs to be convinced to do the job.

My 3rd choice would have been Shania Twain, but her contract with Caesar's in Las Vegas would make it all but impossible to make the commitment.  A new twist in judging would be 2 women and 1 man - here's the radical idea:

Sharon Osbourne -- This is not as crazy as you think.  She has been a successful music manager, has judging experience with America's Got Talent and X-Factor UK, has worked for FOX in the past (the failed Osbournes:Reloaded), is seen on daytime TV on The Talk, plus brings the British charm that has been missed since Cowell left.  Not sure of her deal with NBC, and that should make them nervous because she should be Prime Target #1 for Idol.