Imagine a soon-to-be 80-year-old grandmother who does not act her age, has garnered a following on YouTube, and now is attempting to accomplish something on Twitter before she dies.  Now imagine A-List celebrities helping this senior citizen toward her goal .......... meet Josephine Lamberti.

The Staten Island grandma, known as "J-Dimps" (see the headband in the photo - that's her trademark), has managed to carve out a steady following on YouTube with tens of thousands seeing what this spry senior citizen has up her sleeve (from "Tebowing" to superimposing herself into a Deion Sanders interview called "Hold On Playa").

Her growing popularity now has seen her Twitter account blow up with celebrities like Rihanna, Khloe Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez following here (she calls these celebrities her "adopted grandchildren"), and helping Josie reach her goal of 80,000 followers on Twitter before she dies.  She posted a video on YouTube to get her story out there.

Currently Josie is over 77,000 followers and growing.  God willing she is not dying anytime soon, even if she breaks the 80,000 goal (hopefully before her October birthday where she'll turn 80).  SoJO 1049 is now following Josie to help her reach her goal.  If you are Twitter, find Josie Dimples (her handle) and become her friend.