The eastbound side of the Ben Franklin Bridge is closed, as of 2:30 pm on Monday (November 14), following a serious accident. That means motorists crossing from Philadelphia, PA into New Jersey will need to find an alternate route. 

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Officials are working to clean up an earlier crash, including a debris spill. The accident happened late Monday morning on the Pennsylvania side of the bridge, 94.5 PST’s traffic team reports.

Overhead television chopper footage from 6 ABC shows that a tractor-trailer tipped over, and it wasn’t immediately clear how long the cleanup would take to complete.

Unfortunately, as a result, it may be out there for a while during the Monday afternoon commute. 

Of course, the suggested alternate route is the Walt Whitman Bridge, but delays were reported on that, as a result of the accident.

This is a developing story. We’ll have more details soon.

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