It's never good news when you hear about an East Coast Tropical Storm.  It's even worse news when you hear that it's turned into a hurricane.  Nevertheless, you may still be able to rest a little easy.


The Hurricane should be 200-250 miles away from us offshore by tomorrow morning.  The only thing we need to worry about is high winds and flooding.


According to the National Weather Service, we should expect  thunderstorms today into tomorrow that will likely be slow moving with heavy rainfall. While river flooding is not expected, small stream and urban flooding is possible. (NBC 10)


This weather may or may not hurt your Fourth of July plans.  Looking on the bright side, we should expect a beautiful weekend to follow.  It could be worse, we could be getting ready for a hurricane!  Meanwhile I'm planning on driving to Virginia Beach this afternoon, so it looks like I'll be taking this storm with me.  Good times!

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