A tractor-trailer overturned at New Jersey rest stop, spilling watermelons everywhere.

And my watermelon loving soul cannot be any more upset that I wasn't there to collect.

6abc News says, the incident happened around 4 p.m Sunday at a rest stop along Interstate 295 in Carney's Point Township. To get even more precise on where it happened, it was northbound, Exit 2 (thanks NBC10).

The driver reportedly lost control on a curve leading into the rest stop, which caused the truck to tip over all the delicious watermelons.

There's no word on how many watermelons on board, which I doubt matters because from the video, you can tell it's a lot. Luckily, there were no injuries.

Either way, nothing says slow-news day like a story on turned over watermelons.

But, enjoy this song that popped to mind when I saw the news story. Maybe you've heard of it? I know it was a jam when I was in kindergarten LOL:


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