The Egg Harbor City substitute school teacher who was suspended for telling a female student she was 'too sexy for gym class' has officially been relieved of his duties, NBC 40 reports.

Last month SoJO reported a 7-year old female second grader at Charles Spragg Elementary School was told she was dressed 'too sexy' to take part in gym class.  Substitute teacher Marco Inskip, 40-years old was called into question after the student told another teacher about the comment.  The Egg Harbor City School District immediately suspended Inskip pending further investigation, and last night it was voted that he be permanently removed from teaching in the area's school system.  However, no criminal charges will be filed, but the family of the little girl is still contemplating taking civil action.

"In the end what we have on the districts stand point is that the young gentleman admitted to our guidance counselor that he did state that she was too cute for gym class," Superintendent John Gilly III said.

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