Disturbing news has surfaced out of Delaware as three daycare workers decide to bring the movie Fight Club to life ...... with young kids!

19-yr-old Tiana Harris teamed up with 21-yr-ld Estefania Myers and 47-yr-old Lisa Parker to create something to pass the time at their job, and the incidents were caught on tape!

The 3 women in custody are allegedly seen on the video encouraging a group of 3-yr-old kids to fight, pushing them back into the fray when they tried to escape, and telling the kids, “No pinching, only punching.”

Shauna Wright of Townsquare Media reports that police have video from the incident in their possession, which occurred in March of this year, and have since charged a trio of workers from the aptly-named Hands of Our Future Daycare in Dover with a variety of crimes including endangering the welfare of a child.

The Philadelphia TV outlets have been reporting on this over the last 24 hours - here is the report from CBS 3.

Parents were rightfully furious about the video, and negligence of their children.  Although police held a meeting to answer questions, they did not show the video to parents or the public because it is being held as evidence.  Hands of Our Future Daycare has since had its license revoked.

These 3 women will have to be nominees for for the year end version of the SoJO Stupid Citizen of the Week!