Bad day at work, broken heart, rainy day...there's nothing a grilled cheese sandwich can't fix.  That's why it remains one of America's most beloved treats.  Today marks National Grilled Cheese Day--an entire day in tribute to the gooey goodness only this sandwich can provide!

Keep reading for some 'outside the box' grilled cheese ideas!

--Uncommon Grilled Cheese #1:  Coopersharp Cheddar, Prosciutto, Green Tomato.  A twist on the classic bacon, tomato, and cheese.

--Uncommon Grilled Cheese #2 Brie, Granny Smith Apple, Craisins.  Savory and sweet.

--Uncommon Grilled Cheese #3:  Jalapeno Cheddar slices, Shredded Monterey Jack, Sour Cream, Salsa.  Like a quesadilla grilled cheese sandwich.

--Uncommon Grilled Cheese #4:  Yarlsberg Cheese, Goat Cheese, Sliced Pear, Spinach.  Creamy and delicious.

--Uncommon Grilled Cheese #5:  Mozzerella Cheese, Large Sliced Pepperoni. Ricotta Cheese, Pizza Sauce.  Pizza grilled cheese.

Try any of these today?  Let us know your favorite!

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