SNL Tina Fey, Amy Poehler

SNL alumni and real-life besties Tina Fey and Amy Poehler co-hosted Saturday Night Live last night, where the two comedians resurrected Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" as well as reprised their (arguably) most famous roles on the comedy sketch show: Fey as Sarah Palin and Poehler as Hillary Clinton.

In "A Hillary Christmas," the current Hillary (played with a sort of restrained mania by Kate McKinnon) goes to sleep on Christmas Eve where she meets the Hillary Clinton of Christmas Eve past—aka Poehler's impersonation circa 2008. Here in 2015, McKinnon's Hillary explains to Poehler's Hillary that things are "in the bag" for the democratic candidate: this time she's running against "human Birkenstock" Bernie "Never-Heard-Of-Him" Sanders and, "brace yourself," Donald Trump.

Before the night is through, however, another familiar political face shows up: 2008's Sarah Palin! Fey's Palin appears in a puff of smoke, announcing, "Well what the heck, I landed in the bedroom of a lesbian couple."

In another skit, Fey and Poehler take on Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" and the culture of the "squad" in "Dope Squad." In the sketch, Fey ("Powderkeg") and Poehler ("Shortfuse") go full "Bad Blood" music video mode, where they sing about their own girl squad. But there aren't any supermodels or starlets here, no ma'am—Fey and Poehler's squad is all about the nannies, mammogram technicians, and (shared) real-life gynecologist who keep the ladies on point IRL.

Oh, and Amy Schumer turns up too because, as the comedians sing, "It takes a village, ya'll."

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