Tilton Square Entertainment, the South Jersey company that owns the Harbor Square and Tilton Square theatres and the still unopened Ventnor Square Theatre, is offering their theaters for private rental, to groups of as many as 50 people.

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In a move similar to the one national movie chain AMC announced earlier this week, Tilton Square Entertainment is putting their Tilton Square Theatre in Northfield and the Harbor Square Theatre in Stone Harbor up for rent as a way on bringing in some extra revenue during the prolonged pandemic.

Tilton Square Theatre
Tilton Square Theatre

In an ad posted on Facebook, the company is offering rental packages for up to 25 guests for $225 and up to 50 guests for $350, for a 3-hour time limit.

The rental comes with a 20% discount on concessions. It's not clear from the ad if you get your choice of movie, or if the movie would be one of the features showing at the theater at the time.

Rental times are available anytime Monday through Thursday, but limited to times before 10am Friday through Sunday.

Like other sectors of the entertainment industry, movie theaters have been devastated, by a global pandemic with seemingly no end in sight. Initial closings stretched on for months,  and now distributors have delayed their biggest films, or simply cut out the middle man by skipping straight to video-on-demand services.

So, movie theater owners have to be clever to find ways to stay afloat during this extended time of social distancing and mask wearing. The idea of offering private theater rentals is a transitional approach that offers movie fans an opportunity to return to the movie-going experience without being surrounded by strangers.

Local movie theaters are a vital part of  the normal entertainment landscape and we applaud their creativity in trying to find ways to rough out the tough times in unconventional ways.

Email Tilton Square Entertainment for movie rental details at: tilton@squaretheatres.com

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