A bride typically pictures her wedding day as a magical experience. Occasionally stressful mishaps arise, but for one unlucky bride, her entire wedding week was plagued by disaster.

The bride took to TikTok to share her "wedding week from hell," which included one catastrophe after another.

The woman, a.k.a. @thatbamfam, began the viral video by explaining three days before her wedding, her now-husband was "stung by a wasp in the eye," which swelled to "the size of a baseball."

Then, when she went to her final dress fitting two days before the wedding, her dress apparently got "ruined" and the seamstress tried to place the blame on her.

She hoped that was the end of her setbacks, but then her wedding photographer got into "a tragic car accident the night before [the] wedding." (In a later update, she let viewers know the "photographer was alive" and on "some serious pain killers.")

On the day of the ceremony, she started her morning off with a flat tire, and when she got to the banquet hall, she was met with more disaster.

"I forgot the marriage license at home. The hall air conditioning was broken," she shared, adding her grandmother also fell and had to be "rushed to surgery."

After the wedding, she hoped to embark on her honeymoon and finally leave her troubles behind — but unfortunately she was met with more disaster.

"Fast forward to our honeymoon. We board the plane just to find out the air traffic control center in Jamaica was struck by lightning and they wouldn't let us off the plane so we had to fly to our connecting flight destination knowing we weren't going on our honeymoon," she revealed, ending her story on a decidedly low note.

Watch the TikTok, which has been viewed more than 4 million times, below:

In the comments section, users were baffled by the string of over-the-top setbacks, with many suggesting the "universe" was trying to tell the woman something.

"Girl…. I think the higher power was trying to tell u something. I’ll be back in 7 yrs," one person wrote.

"You didn’t take the 8 million signs telling you not to get married?!" another commented.

Thankfully, @thatbamfam wasn't phased by all the wedding drama. She even shared pics from the nuptials in a follow-up TikTok. See below:

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