What would you do if you found 180 dollars in cash on the ground?


Would you keep it and proceed with your lucky day? Or, would you follow an example that three kids from Galloway Township set?


On May 31, Ricky Cote, 13, and his brother, Robby, 6, and 9-year-old sister, Bella, found $180 in cash, just lying in the parking lot at the Historic Smithville Shops.  Rather than pocketing the money, their Father encouraged them to turn the cash over to the Police.  Six months later, their honesty payed off.


During a presentation at the Galloway Township court room, each kid was awarded a giant lollipop, 100 dollars each, and some gift cards to some nearby restaurants.  The children were also sworn in as Galloway Township Junior Police Officers.  It goes to show you, when you do the right thing, great things always come back to you.

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